Modern cloth nappy Inserts 101


Do you really know your fabrics? Is your insert up to the task? 
Choosing the right insert for your cloth nappy will make a big difference on your experience. The right insert means no leaks and a comfortable happy baby.
From least to most absorbent:
Bamboo charcoal (essentially microfibre)
Also on the topic of absorption is the GSM (grams per square m) of a fabric. Think of your basic cotton t-shirt you can buy a 100% cotton t-shirt that is threadbare thin, or a thick and luscious 100% cotton t-shirt. When choosing an insert not all inserts are the same. At EcoPeach our bamboo is minimum 400GSM. This means it's suuuupppper thirsty. It also means we can use less layers to get more absorption, which means lighter and less bulky nappies.
We have 3 styles available.
Our standard 4-layer which includes a stay-dry suede on top perfect for the flexibility of pocket stuffing or just snapping into the insert.
Our perfect pockets. 4 layers of absorbent bamboo cotton, perfect for stuffing into the pockets of your EcoPeach nappy
Trifold. Now this insert is special. 2 layers of absorbency with a stay-dry layer in the centre. When folded in 3 gives 6 layers of absorbency... But dries in the time it takes to dry 2 layers! 
Having a trifold that can boost a nappy to last overnight means you don't need to invest in bulky, expensive night nappies. It also means that the post bathtime wrestle doesn't need an octopus to get baby into. The quicker you can get the nappy on the happier everyone is!
If your nappy stash is suffering from a little leakage consider upgrading your inserts today. Click on our link in the image to check ours out! Or visit us at
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