The cost to cloth

Can you afford disposables? The numbers you need.

OK so if you're still pregnant get ready to see some big numbers... You'll on average change SIX THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED NAPPIES per child from birth to toilet training 🚽 
The rough breakdown is as follows:
Newborn (0-3mths) 12 nappies/day 15-30c each
3-6months 10 nappies/day 15-40c each
6-18 months 6 nappies/day 20-50c each
18mth to toilet training 4/day 22-60c each
Night nappies /pull up 1068 @ $1ea
Now time and time again I hear parents say they can't afford cloth nappies... But the real question is can you afford disposables? In the first 6months alone you'll spend between $650-$1300. A 24 pack of EcoPeach nappies is $456. So even with the added cost of laundry (2-3 loads per week), cloth nappies are much cheaper. If you use cloth wipes you can add another $180-250 to the savings.
If you're pregnant, now is the time to get ready. Put aside the cost of disposables now each month and by the time bub is here you'll have saved enough to buy a full time pack... Then with the $2100-3800 that you would spend on disposables from birth to toddler you can buy a whole lot of other essentials.
For example this week at Baby Bunting for $2500 I can buy...
Kodak baby monitor
Steel craft pram
Cot and dresser
Deluxe high chair
Medela single breast pump kit
Baby Einstein 5in1 activity gym
Maxi cosi car seat.
What would you do with $2000?