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EcoPeach owner Kylie Brown with her children

The faces behind EcoPeach

I often get asked about EcoPeach and why I started the business. At first it was because I saw my beautiful boy and couldn't imagine going back to work so I thought 'I know, I'll start a business.' 😂 😂 😂...

Most of us were raised in terry towelling and safety pins. These days cloth nappies are so much easier. I believe that if I can help other mum's like me get into cloth nappies for their babies then I can make an even bigger difference in the world for my baby and for theirs.
So I put my mind to work and sought out manufacturers who could produce the product I was looking for. Something with the features I believe a good nappy should have, good quality materials, gussets and leak guards and double pockets.. But most importantly, something easy to use and affordable for the every day family.
I believe in my product and have worked with an independent sourcing company who liaise with my manufacturers overseas to ensure that our product is ethically made and high quality. I believe that having negotiations with manufacturers in their native tongue, helps understanding and loyalty and means we aren't just a name on a piece of paper.
EcoPeach is the culmination of lots of love. Like parenting, launching a brand is hard, but when you look into your baby's eyes you'll be amazed and what you can achieve for them and because of them.
If you're even remotely curious about cloth nappies we'd love to hear from you. If you're a mum business we can collaborate with we'd love to work together and empower you.
Because we're just like you and together we can achieve anything.

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