Features of our Modern Cloth Nappy

Features of our Modern Cloth Nappy

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Ok, so we all know that nappy mess is bad. Ain't nobody got time for poo-splosions or sneaky-leaks. We have put great care into making sure that everything just works the way it's supposed to. That's why all our nappies feature a waterproof, breathable PUL outer and a double leg gusset, edged with a waterproof belly flap.


Not sure if you want a pocket or a snap in system? That's ok. At EcoPeach all our nappies have a double pocket so they are quick and easy to stuff and unstuff without getting your hands dirty. If you prefer to assemble on the fly and like a simple snap in, that's cool- Our nappies feature a centre Ai2 snap so you can snap and go. Let's get out and see the world.


Speaking of feeling free, the suede cloth stay dry layer is super soft, because a dry baby is a happy baby.


At EcoPeach we make happiness easy. One change at a time

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