New to Cloth? Learn the Lingo

Cloth Nappy Lingo

Ever feel like the cloth nappy mums are speaking a whole new language? Let us help....

The abbreviations:

MCN: Modern cloth nappy

AIO: All-in-one - a type of nappy where the insert/absorbency is attached to the shell

AI2: All-in-two - a type of nappy where the insert and the shell can be separated for washing. Comes in two sub types:

SNAP AND WIPE-  like the EcoPeach newborn range- the shell can be reused by just replacing the insert 

POCKET- this style has a soft lining in which you place the insert- This is the EcoPeach main style- it allows you to customise absorbency as bub grows

NB: Newborn 

OSFM: One size fits most - An adjustable size nappy to cover multiple weights

PUL: Polyurethane Laminate - The waterproof fabric in the shell of the nappy


Cover/Shell: Refers to a waterproof outer of the nappy that holds the insert

Insert: The absorbent part of the nappy that does all the soaking- can be made from a variety of matierials, commonly hemp/bamboo/cotton/microfibre

Liner: Disposable or reusable - Placed within the inside of a cloth nappy to catch the poo making cleaning the nappies an easier process. 

Stay-dry layer: a layer of Microfleece/suede-cloth used in cloth nappies that aids in drawing moisture away from bubs skin. All EcoPeach nappies and inserts have a stay-dray layer of suede.

Gussets: An extra row of leg elastic that helps to prevent leaks. All EcoPeach nappies have double gussets.


WAHM: Work at home mum/maker- Cloth nappies made by mums- these are often small batch makers

CC: China cheapies - Refers to cheap (often unethically made) cloth nappies from China these brands are frequently found on Ebay, Catch of the day etc


RAOK: Random act of kindness - Term used when giving away cloth nappies

EUC, VGUC, GUC: Excellent/ very good/ good used condition

OTB: On the bum - we love seeing EcoPeach OTB


Wetbag: A waterproof bag used to store nappies when out and about- also useful for snacks, toys, wet clothes... the list is endless

Nappy Pod: A type of wetbag that makes a cube/block shape when stuffed- especially useful for storing unused nappies when out and about. 

Cloth wipes: A reusable, washable alternative to disposable baby wipes.


Prep: Preparing your nappies for use - usually through soaking the inserts overnight and washing the nappies.

Stash: Your nappy collection

Stash shot: Snap a pic📷 of your nappy collection

Stuff: Refers to putting inserts into the pocket of a nappy

Fluff mail: The best things to receive in the mail- nappies and accessories

Strip and sanitise: A method of cleaning nappies that is used to remove ammonia build up and thoroughly clean nappies.

Delaminating: When the waterproof layer separates from the outer fabric, often resulting in a "crunchy" sound and leaks

Dry pailing: This refers to storing soiled nappies in a pail without water (it is not recommended to soak your nappies so this is the best method).

Nappy Sprayer: A hand-held spraying device that attaches to the external plumbing of the toilet and allows you to wash your nappies directly into the toilet

Got questions?