New to Cloth Nappies

When is the best time to start using cloth nappies? Quite simply it's right now. There has never been an easier time to get in to cloth. Here at EcoPeach we've done the hard work so the decision for you is simple.

What is a modern cloth nappy?

A modern cloth nappy is a reusable nappy. They consist of two parts the waterproof, breathable outer shell which stops the mess leaking out and the absorbent insert designed to absorb all the moisture.

At EcoPeach our covers are made of good quality waterproof PUL and lined with a super soft suede stay-dry layer which keeps your baby feeling clean and fresh whilst wicking the moisture away. Our inserts are made of high GSM (think high thread count) bamboo cotton which is suuuppper thirsty and will hold lots of moisture.

Modern cloth nappies also come with


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