What's what?

A flat piece of material that can be folded to fit. These are often made or cotton terry, bamboo terry, flannelette or muslin. Pre-folds have an extra layer in the centre to boost absorbency. Flats are like the old school terry towelling nappies our parents used. This style requires a waterproof covering.This style is most similar to a disposable, because the absorption and the nappy are all in one piece. This can make them convenient and easy to use, however they take longer to dry and can mean you need more nappies than if you re-use shells from an Ai2 or Shell.This nappy has an outer shell that is waterproof and the insert is snapped into it. This style is quick to dry and also very economical as you can reuse the outer shell by simply snapping in another insert set if the outer shell isn't soiled/wet. A nappy with an opening between the shell and the moisture wicking layer which you place an insert or booster that makes the nappy absorbent. You can alter the absorbency of your pocket nappy by choosing what you stuff it with. EcoPeach nappies can be stuffed with either the included hemp or cotton inserts or boosted with the trifold to increase absobency.

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