Pack Of 12 Modern Cloth Nappies

Part Time Pack of 12 Modern Cloth Nappies NEW

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Part Time Pack of 12 Modern Cloth Nappies

If you really love our prints and just can't get enough- How about three free nappies? Get $350 value for only $270

  • 12 beautiful Velcro nappies 
  • 1 double pocket wetbag
  • 1 nappy pod
  • 1 trifold bamboo booster 

 12 nappies is the perfect part time pack, it's just enough that you can really embrace cloth nappies. Also includes a wetbag for storing used nappies and our favourite double layer Nappy Pod for storing clean nappies in a day out. We've also included our trifold. Perfect on it's own or to boost for nights. 

At EcoPeach we are passionate about making cloth nappies easy. You don't have to jump in 100%, but once you get started you'll be coming back for more.

Simply add 12 nappies, your favourite print nappy pod and wetbag and one trifold booster to your cart and add code PART TIME. Done!